Soukeyna is a North and West African writer based in London. She was born in Bordeaux, France and comes from a Sufi Muslim family background. Her work features themes of diasporic identity, as well as Islamic spirituality / Tasawwuf and culture.

Since Soukeyna was guided to begin practicing Islam she has also been interested in exploring Divine art / the mysteries of creation in her work in order to praise God and His attributes.

Soukeyna started writing when her love for words and reading eventually inspired her to begin her own creative literary pursuit. Soukeyna writes micro-fiction, non-fiction, poetry and short stories.

She holds a first class BA (hons) degree in Social Anthropology and International Relations (SOAS) and has a keen interest in global healing practices/rituals & film production. Soukeyna is also co-founder and editor-in-chief of MZAB an online quarterly publication she runs with her sister which explores adventure, culture and spirituality. She finally is involved in black activism and runs a grassroots black rights organisation in London.

Soukeyna’s writing has been featured in The Drinking Gourd, The Black Explorer, MZAB, Amaliah and showcased at an MFest ‘Houses of Wisdom’ exhibit.